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Passionate about history and old images, for more than 10 years we have been collecting and restoring images of the past.

We attach importance to details in all our reproductions and we patiently restore all digitized works to provide you with the best current paper version of works from the past.

Our digital restoration process

Using advanced technologies and computer software we restore works from the past in order to preserve and restore the original content while improving its visual quality and readability.



“Every detail, every color counts for an impeccable result”
“Characteristic colors that are representative of the aesthetics of the time”

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I needed a custom size and received exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much for the excellent service! The quality of the poster is excellent!


Really beautiful

Amazing poster. Very good quality paper too. I opted for the poster only and purchased my own frame. I will definitely purchase more in the near future.

Philippe A.

Nickel order

Very happy with my purchase, fast shipping, the colors are beautiful and consistent with the presentation image of the item in the store.

Ronan L.

A little long but great quality

It took a little while to arrive, 8 days including the weekend. In the end I am satisfied, the colors and design are great.

Our commitment to customer service

We attach paramount importance to our customer service and the quality of our products. We are committed to providing impeccable quality and customer service.


Welcome to PosterVintage™, your specialist in high definition reproduction of old advertising posters. We select for you the most beautiful vintage posters and vintage posters and we offer you the best paper version with impeccable quality. What is a Vintage Poster? It is often an old advertising poster which marked its time. The term Vintage or retro in French means something old but stylish. This is why vintage posters and posters are used in interior decoration. The so-called vintage period is between the beginning of the 20th century and runs until the 1960s and 70s.

The vintage poster as an elegant, modern and timeless decorative element

Old posters: a leading artistic and historical heritage

In a world where modernity and contemporary dominate, vintage posters offer an escape into an elegant and refined past where we took the time to think and highlight an idea or concept through drawing. Artists like Leonetto Cappiello, Alphonse Mucha, Jules Chéret gave posters their nobility. Another interesting element for using a vintage poster as a decorative element and the history and passion they transmit - each of these posters is full of history and allows you to remember with a certain nostalgia a older era.

The retro poster as a focal point in a room

Thus, these posters have a wide diversity of styles, shapes and colors and bring warmth and character to any space - it is a focal point for the visitor's eye. In terms of decoration, they take all their shine on the walls of your interior rooms, highlighted by beautiful lighting and a pretty frame. You can decide to make a real wall composition with posters of different formats (example: mix several small formats with larger ones) or highlight only a large vintage poster of your choice.


Vintage Poster: rich and varied themes

Vintage posters and posters cover a multitude of themes and that's also why we love them - among the different types of vintage posters we can find:

Travel poster and Tourist poster

Vintage travel posters and tourist posters are some of the most popular posters. Designed at the request of major transport companies ( Vintage Aviation Posters , Vintage Train Posters , vintage boat posters ), they highlight dream destinations. We will notably find many posters from the company Air France but also KLM, Panam, TWA). These are often posters and posters with bright colors and magnificent landscapes. Just by looking at them, we can already see ourselves on a beach…

City poster 

We will find a large production of posters for different French cities produced by artists like Hugo d'Alesi or Roger Broders - among the most famous we will remember Paris, Nice, Hyères, Royan, Besançon and hundreds of others, notably for international cities like New York or Tokyo. These are posters aimed at fans of their hometowns.

Vintage Paris Poster

The French capital, symbol of France, remains the favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. It has been highlighted by numerous advertising posters highlighting its most beautiful attractions (the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées and many other monuments).

Vintage mountain poster

A vintage mountain poster highlights the most beautiful mountains and mountainous landscapes - including the famous French Mont Blanc .

Vintage kitchen poster

These are often advertising posters for mass consumer brands such as Panzani, the famous Laughing Cow poster, Lu, Perrier posters , Orangina and many others. These are posters that are perfect for decorating a kitchen or dining room.

Vintage botanical poster

For lovers of gardening and the gardener's almanac, you will find old sketches and drawings of garden plants and legumes.

Vintage car poster

Vintage sports poster

Every sport has a story and these posters perfectly convey the history of sports. Whether it is cycling posters , vintage ski posters , golf, boxing and many others, they were produced to promote specific events such as the Olympic games or competitions.

Propaganda poster

These are posters and posters which were created for a political or propaganda purpose (or both) - we find in particular a large production during the Second World War.

Vintage movie poster

these are posters which were made for the launch of films to the general public - we think at this time of films like “Ben-Hur”, “the longest day”, the various “James Bond” and in France has classics like “tontons flingueurs” or “butter cuisine”.

Poster by artistic style :

We find two styles widely used between 1900 and 1930 - the art nouveau style and the Art Deco style then subsequently we observe the realistic style which takes precedence particularly during and after the Second World War with artists like Norman Rockwell and Christian Leyendecker in the USA.

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  • PosterVintage™ quality and know-how : Ordering your vintage poster from us is first of all a guarantee of security - We are specialized in the processing and printing of high definition files and we provide reproductions of impeccable quality. All our prints receive special attention. We attach great importance to respecting details, colors, and the choice of materials. The paper we use is a thick paper that has excellent durability.
  • The Vintage Poster Service : our customer service is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just like you, we are passionate about old posters and we love to advise you as best we can.
  • The largest choice of vintage advertising posters : we have a catalog of several hundred references which is constantly expanding to offer you the widest and most complete choice.
  • The choice of sizes : we are pleased to offer you numerous sizes and formats so you can adapt your decoration to your environment. For small formats, choose 20x30cm or 30x40cm. For a large vintage poster, go for an A0 format (84x119cm). Also take into account that we can also produce specific formats on demand.
  • Safety : your package is prepared by people who love and respect art. So we don't crease the posters and pay attention to the packaging. All posters are shipped with protective cardboard tubes which guarantee merchandise in impeccable condition upon receipt.
  • Customer satisfaction : if your package arrives damaged, if you are not satisfied with the quality of your vintage poster (never arrived), or if you change your mind, don't panic, we offer a free exchange for 30 days after purchase.

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