Who are we ?

Who is PosterVintage™?

PosterVintage is a company based in the South of France - near Aix en Provence. The southern sun inspires and enlivens us. Passionate about Art and old objects, we specialize in the reproduction of old posters called vintage posters.

Find at PosterVintage a wide choice of reproductions of the largest vintage high definition advertising posters and posters : old aviation posters and posters ( Air France, KLM, Panam posters etc. ) , vintage kitchen posters and posters ( Chocolat Poulain, Vache qui Rit, Maggi etc. ) , old alcohols ( Quiquinat , Pastis de Marseille, Champagne) , travel etc. .

Since 2018, we have been selling reproductions of vintage posters and posters with High Definition quality (300DPI) from 29€ : of the format 20x30cm In the format A0 ( 84x118cm ) on high-end paper (250 grams/m2). All our products are made to order - and carefully packaged in our factory in Riga (Latvia) in individual cardboard tubes. We are proud to say that we ship worldwide. 

The PosterVintage offer:

We carefully select the most emblematic advertising posters from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century. This period was rich in term creating advertising posters - artists like Jules Chéret , Alphonse Mucha, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec , or the Franco-Italian Leonardo Cappiello left an unprecedented artistic legacy in the world of posters. In the middle of 20th century, this are artists like Bernard Villemot or Cassandra who provide continuity in the world.

W e then carry out a digital restoration of the posters of the past to give them a second lease of life: marks are erased, shades are revitalized, colors restored. We then print on high-end paper for an impeccable result. All posters and posters are controlled before shipping to the customer.


Vintage poster for interior decoration

The vintage poster or the vintage poster to decorate the house : THE different themes of these posters make it easy to project an atmosphere, a touch retro or a cultural marker in a particular room of the house ( Living room , Bedroom, kitchen, etc.) . By their diversity, Vintage posters can satisfy almost all tastes and bring a lot of character to the interior of a house.