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The History of Air France Posters

L'Histoire des Posters Air France - Poster Vintage

The history of Air France Posters

The history of Air France posters is closely linked to the history of the airline itself. Air France, created in 1933 , is the national airline of France and has played a major role in the development of air transport throughout the world. To promote its destinations and services, Air France has produced a series of emblematic posters which have become prized collector's items for art and aviation enthusiasts.

The Golden Age of Air France Posters (1930s-1950s): This period is considered the golden age of Air France posters. The airline has collaborated with renowned artists to create posters that reflect the glamour, exoticism and adventure of air travel. The illustrations often highlight exotic destinations such as Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, as well as the emblematic landscapes and monuments of France. Some of the most famous artists of this era include Paul Colin, Cassandre, Albert Solon, and Raymond Savignac.

Posters from the 1950s and 1960s: After the Second World War, Air France continued to produce posters highlighting its new destinations and modernized services. Illustrations from this period are often marked by a more contemporary style and bold use of color. There are also patterns inspired by abstract art and graphic design of the time.

1970s to today: With the evolution of design and advertising, Air France posters have continued to change over the decades. Emphasis has been placed on more modern and minimalist concepts, but without losing the magic of travel. Advertising campaigns have been adapted to meet the changing tastes of the public.

The most famous Air France Posters:

Among the most prestigious models of Air France posters, here are some of the most emblematic:

  1. 'Les Antilles' by Paul Colin (1935) - A superb example of the Art Deco style, with bright colors and a captivating composition depicting the islands of the French West Indies.

  2. "New York World's Fair" by Bernard Villemot (1964) - This poster celebrates the New York World's Fair with a bold composition featuring the Statue of Liberty and Air France planes.

  3. "Japan" by Ugo Gattoni (2013) - This more recent poster captures the modern aesthetic of Tokyo and Japanese culture, while remaining true to the artistic heritage of Air France posters.

  4. "Le Mont Saint-Michel" by Lucien Boucher (1962) - A classic depiction of the famous French tourist site, with a distinctive artistic touch.

  5. "Corsica" by Guy Georget (1950) - A stunning poster depicting the natural beauty of the island of Corsica, with idyllic beaches and majestic mountains.

These Air France posters continue to fascinate collectors and spark interest in art and aviation through their remarkable aesthetics and ability to capture the spirit of travel.

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