Hugo D'Alesi

Hugo D'Alesi (1849-1961)

Portrait de Hugo D'alesi au crayon

Frédéric Alexianu, known as F. Hugo d'Alesi, is a French painter and advertising graphic designer of Romanian origin, born in Hermannstadt (Principality of Transylvania) on February 10, 1849 and died in Paris 9th on November 11, 1961, who created a large number of tourist posters for railway companies at the end of the 19th century.

In addition to numerous posters for the railway companies from Paris to Orléans, PLM or the West, Hugo d'Alesi made posters for shipping companies and automobile manufacturers.

He also produced engravings of cities in France, such as a panoramic view of the city and port of Bordeaux in 1889.

His style is precise and colorful with a wide palette of colors.

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